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Both his cock and his potency had finally returned to their regular levels of both size and functionality.‘That fucking slut is going to get what sh... really deserves!’ Malfoy shouted at his two minions, Crabbe and Goyle before going over the plan to tail her and kidnap her at her most vulnerable time a month earlier. Malfoy had been planning his retribution ever since Hermione and Ginny had sexually paralyzed him and embarrassed him with their sneaky bitch craft. Not only had he been left. ‘After investigating, it has become clear that F.L.E.X is planning an invasion on Hime and all of its affiliates. The missile is a threat, or better yet, a promise. They are going to bomb the capitol of Hime and try to crumble the councils authority. You were one of the most promising agents under the councils command, and you have the potential to help us to the best of your ability. We have some of our best agents preparing to locate Andre, Larsa, and Carter, and to find the secret location. .this one time. If I don't like it tho I'm not goin again." "Ok." Cami and Lou Lou say in unison. "Saturday is gonna be awesome!" Lou Lou bursts. "Class. Class! Settle down now. Time to begin working on your rough drafts for your stories." "Way awesome." I chime in at the last second.CHAPTER 2: We finally found a parkin’ spot and got outta the car. The line was long as hell to get in but Lou and I went there so much we were like VIP. We walked up past the ‘normal people’ line and then past. During his years under his mother’s wings, there were few things he liked to do. One of those things was to climb. The higher, the better he felt.Adrenaline running through the body, making you feel light. The fear that the slightest mistake could cause his death was not bad, since he had been through many situations like this during his life. The feeling of success when you finally reach the peak and look down to see everything you’ve climbed.Lucas would be lying if he said he was not tempted..

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Babli Fliz Movies Indian Web Series

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