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Shweta – chalo byeDeepak – hey when can we meetShweta – I will let you knowDeepak – please, I will be waitingShweta – ya sure , byeDeepak �... bye, love you sweetheartThis is the exact whatsapp chatting between Shweta and Deepak which she has emailed me.After reading the chatting I called Shweta and we had a good laugh.Next day I picked up Shweta from her come and I took her to long drive to a surprise location. On the way, I took her to mall and there I asked her to purchase few sexy dresses and. “I think I’ll go to the N. New Braunfels road gate. There are always lines trying to get in so no one will pay any attention to me leaving.” That got another nod from his sergeant in the passenger seat.“Sir, I honestly cannot think of a good reason why he would change cars. The van is nondescript enough to get away, but they may be able to get a description of the van out to the military police or maybe even the civilian police if they really want to box me in ... but hey, hold the phone just a. .. change on your own. You'll be watched on the closed-circuit camera at all time. I'm told the process can be disturbing, so please try and remain calm." After the guard and the doctor had left him alone, Jay looked down at his lap. He hadn't bothered to pull his pants back up. Gingerly, he reached down and held his penis. He wasn't going to be able to do that again for a long while and the thought of losing it worried him more deeply than he thought it would. A tingling sensation started in. My mom comes down stairsand repeats everything that my dad just told me. They hug and kiss me andgo outside to meet the neighbors. As they drive off, I see Cody standingon the lawn staring at me. He actually reminds me a lot of myself at hisage. His hair is long and he's pretty skinny. We've never talked much,but I often see him riding his skateboard around the block. He has afourteen-year-old sister, but she is away at cheerleading camp right now. I guess I might as well go see what he.

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