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The naked girl had to trot to keep up with the horse.The woman rode the length of the straw aisle. Then she disappeared through the open doors of the ...ormer dining hall. First two, then more guests followed her. And at last all of them thronged into the adjoining room.It had been totally changed. The huge dinner table had gone. The spacious floor was now covered in straw that shone with a dark gold in the light of innumerable torches.At the far side a stage had been set up. Dark wood and black. Her lip quivered.“She’ll come back to me. I know she will.”“And Brian?”“She’ll come back to both of us.”“You are seventeen now. I know what your agreement says. I want you to know...”“Papa!” she said sharply. “Just like when I was fourteen, the agreement has always said what we could do, not what we have to do.”“I understand but you are so close to Brian. How often do you spend the night there ... with your other girlfriends?”“Hmm. Not often enough. Thanks for reminding me,” she giggled.. ’ ‘Sure,’ she said, ‘cone counter, vice president, whatever you want. One thing though. Seriously. That Nobel Prize money of ours might take a while to come through. In the meantime, if you should ever need a baby sitter , , ,’ We were holding hands, our fingers intertwined. I gave her fingers a squeeze. ‘Godmothers go on speed dial. You know that.’ — I didn’t tell anybody. I can’t imagine that Rachel did either. But by the following afternoon, everybody already sensed a rearrangement in the. She emerged as Han Solo, complete with his blaster pistol at his side. "This is going to be _so_ cool!" she said confidently.Leia frowned. "But it's only for a little while, right?" she protested. Han took her arm and, with a huge grin, led her out of the room. The former man scowled at the laughter rippling around the room.The changes went quickly - it was obvious that members had already spent time thinking of who - or what - they wanted to be. Several seemed unchanged, except for the.

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