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The four dudes watched the game with intensity. Shawn was a die-hard Giants fan. The other three rooted for various teams not in the mix at the moment... When the first quarter ended, Marcus marched into his bedroom. He poured a copious amount of E&J down Torrance’s throat. Then he fired up another blunt and put it in the faggot’s mouth. Torrance puffed and got even more high.Marcus went back to the front. Anton asked, “That bitch ready yet?”“Yeah, brother! Don’t forget to tip,” said Marcus.“I. Right now …” his assistant opened a calendar inside the file “… the court date is set for about two weeks. If it is uncontested at that hearing, you are divorced. If it has to be rescheduled, it could easily be several months just to get back onto the court calendar. So, your next steps are to decide what you want to do here, make the decision and we get it formally presented to them for agreement and we can take that to the court hearing and it is done.”Tim had a follow-up, “You’ve seen the. I asked her to play with my cock, and she obliged.She unzipped me and took my cock out, and kept playing with it for some time. I asked her for a blowjob. But she refused to say this is her first time playing with a cock. We continued our foreplay till the intermission. During the break, I went to the washroom.I made my mind to make the most of the situation somehow now. I went back in and again started with her boobs. But this time, I moved my hands down to her pussy. She was wearing a red. I knew he was going to cum when it twitched at the back of my throat, and he pushed me deeper than I thought I could take. ‘Fuck… Shay baby you’re so good.’ I felt strings of cum running down my tongue and throat, swallowed quickly and savored the last drop a moment longer. ‘I like your taste better.’ I told him, still on my knees, once I let him slide out of my mouth. He picked me up and dragged me on his lap, kissing me. ‘Well I can taste myself on you and I like your taste better.’ He still.

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Getting Ready

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