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The main character, a.k.a. you will have your home transported into a multidimensional nexus point, where you will be forced to live with a colorful of characters from across the entire cartoon multi-verse.2. You will not just have an entire army of these characters appear in your home. No, they will appear one by one in your home, depending upon your choices.3. Your front door acts as a gateway to other worlds, a gateway that you control depending on which cartoon you select from your Tv. Flick could barely control the shiver that threatened to run through her at the way Graham was openly and hungrily eyeing her up. His grip was limp, his hand hot and sweaty as they shook and she forced herself to smile, fluttering her eyelashes at the man."I'm sorry, Mark couldn't make it and he asked me to step in for him. He's briefed me on what he is looking for though so hopefully we can get down to business."Flick was sure she heard the politician murmur something about 'getting down to. Barely noticeable at first, but then more urgent. Teresa's breathing became erratic and she started shaking uncontrollably. The mattress was shaking. I started to pull away, thinking something was wrong, when Teresa's hands reappeared at the back of my head pulling me back to her core with urgency. "Please, don't stop what you're doing there," came Teresa's pronounced husky tone. Still unsure of Teresa's well being, I continued lapping away up and down, side to side. Burying my tongue as deep. Her hand slows to a stop and her hips twitch and buck as she comes down from her orgasm. She lays down on top of me and we slowly starts kissing which quickly turns to heavy making out. I roll her off to one side as I pop up on my knees. Quickly grabbing MK hips, guiding her over to me, pulling her hips up, placing her doggie before me. I hold the base of my cock and place it on her pussy lips. Taking a firm grip on her hips I starts pumping forward, working my cock deeper and deeper in her.

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