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Mom took a drink and moved toward the pool ladder she started getting out of the pool but she was doing her dancing moves. Swinging her hips and to the music. I started cheering her on as she moved to the bluesy beat. I was feeling horny already but watching her dance was bringing my cock to full attention. This was great! I clapped and cheered as mom rubbed her hands over her body. When she moved her hands up to cover her tits she grabbed her swim suit top and pulled it open a bit. He leans in and kisses me on the lips, I kiss back. I had mixed feelings. I was nervous but excited at what was about to happen. I felt my cock twitch and it started to get hard. I feel his hands running down my body, to my hips, then on to my ass. He squeezes my ass and moans a little “mmm” I reack to his dick and he is already rock hard. I unzip and un button the front of his jeans. The drop the the floor. This perfect, nicely shaven 7 inch cock stands to attention. I start rubbing his dick. Eva didn’t disagree so I pulled into the parking lot of the nearest Arby’s and got her ready for her first test. We exited Red 5 and made our way into the restaurant, if Arby’s can be called that. When we entered all eyes turned to us. Eva looked a bit nervous, but she kept on with the plan. “What would you like?” I asked. “Just a roast beef sandwich,” Eva said. “Maybe two.” “Okay,” I replied, walking to the counter. “What can I get for you?” the woman working the register asked. “I’d like to. I rolled my eyes. “You’re welcome.” Rebecca bent over the purse and rummaged a bit. Her ass was tight, but looked like it would be soft to the touch. I was fully hard now and a little embarrassed. The last thing I wanted was for Rebecca to think I was into her. I turned to walk back to the bedroom. “Where’s my money?” Rebecca asked. She rummaged faster, more furiously. “I had three hundred dollars in here. What did you do with it?” I turned and faced her. “I didn’t touch your purse.” “You.

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