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He was stuck in me. For a second a little wave of panic hit me. How long was this going to last? This could be difficult to explain. The throbbing...was slowing down some and he pulled again with the same result. My pussy still had a very firm grip on his knot and cock.I was able to look at a clock and figured out that we had been hooked together for about 15 minutes. I felt him pull again and it seemed like we made some progress. A couple of little tugs and the another longer pull and I. The driver of the truck pulled up behind me and stopped. As I turned to face him he said "I like those shorts". I approached him and thanked him for the compliment and as I neared his truck I could see that he had his very hard cock out and was slowly pumping it. We chatted for a few minutes and as he saw me looking at his cock he said that I could reach into the window if I wanted. I reached in and started stroking his cock, after a few minutes he opened the door and turned in his seat. This. It would have been more painful but Anthony had already stretched me out and opened me up. Just before he plunged his cock into my throat, Dominic reached around and held his hands locked behind my head as he fucked my face. I was grateful for the support.As Dominic fucked my face I heard him exclaim to his brother, his voice choked with lust, "Jesus, Tony! Look at that big black cock plow into this little bitch! Christ that's hot! I've never seen anything so sexy in my fucking life!"In a. "It would be nice if that was a horny guy back there." I say out loud jokingly. I continue you walking around the back and I start to hear the rustling get closer to me. I stop for a second to stare to see if I can make out what's moving within the woods. As the rustling get's closer, I start to get nervous that it might actually be a man. I've never actually done anything with another man because I was always too afraid. That's when I see something start to creep out of the darkness, I start.

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