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He pulled her closer, and she could feel his excitement pressing against her. He released her, and looked into her face, smiling a little. ‘Come wit... me.’ He wasn’t asking, he was telling, in his curt way, and Lillian was more than happy to comply. Her insides churned with expectation as they came off the large campus and walked a little way to a set of apartments, where he let himself into a downstairs door. His rooms were small and neat, but she didn’t have a chance to look more, as he pulled. “That was a pleasant surprise. After what Jack told me about Janie, I was worried I was going to have to hex her to get to you.” she smirked.“That would not have been a good idea.” Will said wryly. “I paid a small fortune for the wards on this place, and before Janie worked for me, she was an acolyte of the Magistrate.”Bella’s brows rose. “No wonder she was able to run off Jack’s entourage so easily.”Will nodded. “So Jack came to you, you got worried because of the mess that happened last time,. She instantly covered her pussy with one hand and her nipples with the other. Then shouted at me and asked me what I was doing. I told her I wanted to pee very badly and could not hold it any longer. So I unzipped my pants, took my dick out in front of her, and peed in the toilet.She seemed pretty embarrassed and tried not to look at my dick. But I could see her taking sneak peeks. I told her I was sorry and would piss my pants off if I waited any longer. She told me it was okay, and I moved. My name's Mindy," she said very fast. He calmed down immediately."Mindy. Mindy. What a nice name. Mindy. Hmmm. Ok, we're going to act out a scenario. This is the scenario. All around my house is my war camp and my house is my war tent. I'm a great war chieftain and I have conquered your small tribe. Now you will be playing the part of the conquered war chieftain's daughter, ok?"Mindy couldn't believe this. He wanted to play games? "I don't want to," she replied. He got a pissed off look on his.

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