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My kneesalmost buckled when he took my hand to lead me down the hall. I tookhim to my sister's room. He had the porn channel working in like thirtysec...nds.I was sitting on the bed as the world of porn came onto the screen. Ohgod it had to be a blow job scene. Chip was standing to the side of theTV watching this girl swallow a huge manpole. It was obvious he wasenjoying it too. I mean the front of his pants had such a budge, andsilly me kind of forgot the TV and kind of caught myself looking at. Lizzes boobs bounced up down like it was slow motion. I ran upstairs imbarassed and arroused I thought Lizz would be angry. A couple of minutes later Lizz came up to find me under the covers. She said it's ok William you dont need to be imbarresed. She explained to me it was just game she liked playing. I told her about my willy and that I couldnt get her amazing boobs out of my mind. Lizz grabed my hand and put it around my erect penis. Lizz started frusting my hand up and down slowly it felt. "I'm your son."Meg. My lungs desperately draw in air and I go to grab the doorframe but feel my hand flail. Jason is the son I had at fifteen- I'm thirty-three now which would make him eighteen, though he looks as though he is in his mid twenties. He is six foot three at least, handsome with broad shoulders and an athletic frame. Desire lanced through me on opening the door but no shame followed, I never nursed him- he was stolen away before he was a month old... I wake with his arms around me. She greeted him wearily and said she was glad he was now being sensible and getting some rest."I need very little," he explained, "I have trained myself." Are you receiving anything?" she asked, but it was in such a way that didn't display any real interest. It was just a question to ask to signal the need to talk."Routine stuff," he sighed, "the odd regular report. Perhaps telling their headquarters the radio operator hasn't frozen to death." Y'know something?" she said, her voice low. She.

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