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Dorm room A was different from the rest of the buildings. instead of only being rectangular, it also had a tiny appendage that stood perpendicular on ...he main building, making the building look like the letter "L" from the air. The rectangular building housed 20 dorms on each side, a total of 40 per level. The appendage at the very end of the building only had room for 1 room, and was only 1 story high. It's what remains of the building that had stood there before the campus was renovated 2. I could feel the tiny hole with my tongue so I begun licking around it and, to the extent possible, inserted the tip. She responded immediately by moaning and grinding her cunt into my face. I continued stimulating her pee hole until I was rewarded with a hot stream of urine which I drank up as best I could. Her gyrations intensified as my tongue travelled the short distance to her large clit, which by now had expanded. I took it into my mouth and played with it, alternately sucking and licking. I expected a typical Impress presentation, but Jake told me that was boring, and that their tech was best presented through the user experience anyway. He took out a jewel case, opened it, and shoed me what looked like a normal gold ring, except for an inset stone. Jake told me it was a crystal that had been grown artificially to suit the product's needs, since there were both technical and aesthetic considerations. After he reassured me that the technology was completely safe to my health, I. It was curious how I could see them change from exhausted to surprised, and finally to intrigued. A devious smile came across his face as he closed the door behind him. It made me feel a little embarrassed to be dressed like this, but I knew it would be worth it if it would please him. “Well, hello there, beautiful. What are you doing in my house?” he asked as he set his briefcase down and tossed his suit jacket on a chair by the table. I averted my eyes and played the part of a shy little.

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Latex Exotic Lesbian Granny

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