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.maybe just me funny birthday hatby the end of the night i was calling a uber and was waiting outside when i felt a firm hand grabbing my assi wanted ...o turn around but instead got pull on a crotch feeling a hard bulge agaisnt my ass''hey sexy birthday boy, you need a lift home?''i was so drunk and horny, i had suck some friends before when younger but not had been dating some college girl and never did it againI hesitate for a while, just appreciating his hipse moving slowly dry humping me in. We got a new entertainment room with the plasma TV and surround sound music system. The new stainless steel kitchen had a restaurant quality refrigerator and stove.I watched the big TV and listened to the music by myself or with Wanda or Charlie. Many nights I ate the food prepared in the big kitchen by myself because Daddy was with a patient or at the office. About the only thing he did in the kitchen was get some ice water out of the refrigerator door or make himself a pot of coffee.Daddy and. And we have to make sure Heath doesnt come next week. Easy. Amp up security. Liam I sighed, theyre not gonna listen to more big men in their way. Hell, if they dont listen to Jim thats already a bad thing. Okay. Ill do something. Just dont know what. Whatever. Tomorrow, I think Cherry and Easy are going to be gone. So we have to call in Henna and Mali. We had ten different dancers. Delia, Cherry, Henna, Mali, Easy, Neon, Jessica, Baby Doll, Lady and Star. Its like dealing with 10 year-olds.. We were both finding it exciting and it was clear that Marie wanted to do it again. We knew it couldn't happen too often without looking deliberate, but if she accidentally left the cam on every once in a while, we figured that wouldn't look too suspicious. A few more days passed before anything happened. It was a Saturday night and we had just gotten back from a night on the town. Marie logged in just to see what was going on and found Wayne online. I was reading when Marie came by me and.

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