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My shoulders hurt in slow throbs that tell me Boyd did damage whenhe stretched me. My toes are numb with cold. My skin is rough with goose bumps. I do...not bother to lift myhead as Boyd enters the garage, carrying a lamp-stand with him. He positions it, plugs it in, and I am suddenly bathed in light from two strong bulbs, searing my eyes. I can see nothing beyond them, and it is there that Boyd makes his preparations.?Boyd ? please, what are you doing?? I moan at one point.?You?ll see,? he. The winners have the chance to be a part of the act. Lottery tickets would be sold outside the tent, and at the main entrance.When we left the tent there were 30-40 men standing in line to buy a lottery ticket. I asked Dave if he would remove the chastity belt.He replied; "Yes at noon!"I said; "What if somebody wants to fuck me in the meantime?" He laughed and said; "Then they can come to me and get the key, or else they have to settle with a blowjob."During that morning I gave 3 blowjobs, but. By now she had my pants down, and my dick didn't care where we were. "Don't worry," she urged. "Besides, I'm as flexible as hell. All you have to do is stay hard for me. Can you do that? " "Uh, yeah. Sure, no problem, " I managed to respond. "Good. I'm just gonna slip my panties aside and climb onto your lap." She tugged aside her white, lacy panties enough to give me a peek at the neatly groomed patch of hair around her tiny little snatch before lowering herself onto my turgid tool. It felt. They both wore a jock strap underwear how cute. The first gut stood in front of my as I slip my finger around his waist band then pulled his jock strap down. Omg his very large cock stood straight out like a flag pole. Hairless large veiny big mushroom head cock which he was very proud of. Then second guy did the same and his cock was just a sweet but uncut.They both kind of pointed their cocks at my face both very eager to have my mouth on them. They were a bit aggressive in a rush to have a.

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