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I slip my dress past my hips and let drop to the floor. as soon as it hits the ground I feel I strong slap land on my right cheek. "AAAHHH!" I cry and...stand up "I didnt say you can stand up!" he says get up and grabs my hair turns me around and slaps me. then slaps my ass. "aaahhh! AAY! AAAAHHH!!" Im moaning and tears start filling my eyes. He drops his pants and pushes my down on my knees! I knew what I had to do, what I was forced to do. This wasn't me getting my reward, I was being punished. "Yeah,I guess so.So what's this filthy stuff you got to show me...been wondering since you phoned."Stevie gives me a wink & tells me to 'hold up' & then rummages under the cushions.I heard a rustling & then he pulls out a plastic supermarket bag."Mate,ya gonna fucking love what's in 'ere,I swear".Well I could make out it aint more dirty mags,looked it might be clothing.Jeez,is that all? Anyway,he picks at the knot he'd made in the handles & as he opens up the bag this familiar stench drifts. So clive went on his knees and started at my ankles rubbing very firmly but gently before working his way up my legs to my thighs, Rodger was watching the whole time, then i noticed Rodger had a hard on and to be honest mine was growing too as Clive stroked away, i closed my eyes, it felt so nice, it was giving me butteflies as he carressed all over. Then he stopped and sat back beside me and asked me if i liked it, "did i like it? i loved it! i replied. Then i couldn't believe what happened. I never really minded having my shirt off because I had done gymnastics for a bunch of years and already had abs beginning to define themselves and pecs that were beginning to push through the skin. I started to pull down my jean shorts and thats when I began to get embarrassed. My pecker was already standing at attention and it was showing through my briefs. I looked over at her and saw that she already took her bra off. Her boobs were still pretty small but she had big, puffy nipples. She.

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Petite Asian Pov

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