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.. my upbringing, the fact I had plans after high school ... and, my inexperience. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself.”Sarah snorted. “It’... never stopped you since I’ve known you.”I ignored her remark. “I invited her to the Junior Prom. We did the whole thing ... Tux, prom dress, dinner at Webster’s ... I think Andrea expected it to be the Big Night. When it wasn’t -- well, she dumped me in a rather abrupt manner.”“Oh, you poor boy. And ever since you’ve held that against her.”“No -- that. "I know it's going to hurt, but I want you to do it. It won't last too long. And I want to feel you inside me so bad."I started pushing against her barrier trying to keep the pain to a minimum for her. However on about the fourth gentle push, she wrapped her legs around my ass and thrust up against me hard. The head of my cock tore through her virginity and buried itself deep in her velvety embrace. She cried out in pain and I froze where I was. She held me tight for a moment then relaxed her. Mom Vikram ke side mein baith gayi.Mom: Kya hua, naraz ho kya?Vikram: …Mom: Awww, gussa hogya, baby!Mom Vikram ke gaal pe kiss karti hai. (Vikram dusri taraf dekhne lagta hai).Mom: Accha, sorry na baby, maaf kardo. (Aur kaan pakadti hai apne).Mom: Accha, batao mere baby ko kya karna hai?Vikram: Kya faida, tum nahi karogi.Mom: Karungi na, ap bolo to.Vikram: Pakka?Mom: Ha, baba pakka.Vikram: Aj raat mai tumko dulhan ke libaaz me dekhna chahta hu. Tumhare sath suhagraat mana na chahta hu.Mom:. It's my second day in orthopedics. I like it. Canyou lift up?" He lifted up and she slid a rubber sheet under him to keep the bed fromgetting wet. She wrung out the washcloth and washed his face. He wasn'tgood looking, but he had a strong, male face. "Not too hot?" "Naw, feels great." She cleaned his neck and ears, dropped the cloth into the pan, anduntied his gown. Sarah felt a tiny thrill as she whipped the gown off anddropped it to the floor. "Hey!" Big Ed cried. He'd gotten used to skinny.

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