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"Better do what the lady says, Kim. Shemeans business."I slid up on the seat, feeling like I was a new manikin in a storewindow, undressed and on dis...lay. Everyone was looking our way andsmiling at me, and all of them seemed to be talking about me. Myprotests had created a bit of a scene. Far from helping, the alcoholseemed to have made me into a diva. I decided to try to shrink myselfinto a low profile and limit the embarrassment for which I was destinedduring the rest of this makeup. He dressed me in it, pulled out one of his white tee shirts that I liked to wear to bed, and we headed off to the local lake. The local lake gets a little crowded on the weekends. It is a fairly good size lake so there is a lot of area to lie around or go swimming in. It took about 20 minutes to get to the lake. When we got there Chris got out and handed me the T-shirt. Put this on and don't say a word. Whatever happens, your mine today and don't spoil it by trying to weasel out of things. I. “Don’t let her post anything online that has me and her nipple in the same picture. OK?”She nodded but I suspected a photo of Liz Larimer’s boyfriend with a half-dressed underage girl would be making the rounds before I ever got back from the lawyer’s office.I lifted my sunglasses and rubbed my eyes tiredly.“Hey, what the fuck!” I heard. “Give that back!”I glanced at the gaggle of girls. Britney had grabbed Alexis by the arms and was holding her tight while Capri deleted the offending. She asked if I was going to take off my clothes, and with a little hesitation, I did. We talked a bit and I started to feel comfortable being naked with her. She asked if I wanted to take a walk around the pond. I mentioned going swimming a bit since I wasn't ready to go like Adam and Eve, especially with the hard-on I had.We walked into the pond and the water level went up to about our waists. It was really nice and cool and we enjoyed it.All of a sudden, someone yelled out my girlfriend's.

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Ullu Web Series Lesbians Scenes

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