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That is what they called me all night and have all called me ever since then. I’m surprised Michelle didn’t call me that when I answered the phone... I had hung out with Michelle and the other girls since that party, usually with Julie of course, but Michelle had never shown any interest in me other than as Julie’s neighbor. She did always pay close attention when we would end up skinny dipping in the pool, but then I paid more attention to her when we were naked too. So instead of all those. The sudden pulse that preceded the surge of hot liquid was more than the woman could bear. Her muscles bore down on the gushing cock, the tremor of her orgasm rippling up and down until the sensations sent the man screaming again his climax. The man’s body was humming from head to toe from pure fulfillment, a little jolt spiking through his body as aftershocks ran through the woman and into him. Feeling just a little guilty at the wealth of pleasure her body brought him, his free hand slipped. I always try to look up and watch my lover go through her orgasms when I am eating her. I think that I almost like that better than sex because I can concentrate totally on her without thinking of what’s going on with my pecker. Want me to tell you a secret?” Brian asked.“Of course I do!” I said.Brian looked down at me shyly and said, “I have actually cum from eating a woman’s pussy without even touching myself. That’s how erotic I find it. There’s nothing like knowing that I brought that much. ‘But I think we’re about to find out. He should be walking into the bedroom just about now.’ ‘Honey,’ William called from the top of the stairs. ‘Are you sure my clothes are up here? All that’s on the bed is a sweatshirt and pair of jeans.’ Eileen looked at Arlene and put her hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle. ‘That’s what you’re wearing tonight,’ Arlene called up to her husband. ‘And there’s a new pair of sneakers next to the bed, too. You better put them on, too.’ ‘You must be jesting!’.

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