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She help me get fixed up nice an purty for Adam and de ovah slaves done left and let us be alone in da quarters. I went to Adam in de night. He weren...��t sleep none, he wuz just layin’ dere, eyes open, like he been waitin’ for me. He say I smell real sweet. I put some ‘o de missus toilet water straight from Paris France behind my ears. I let my frock fall to da floor and I stood dere, with nothin’ on but da light from da moon dat wuz lightin up da room, and showed myself to him. I could see da. The one she’d put on this morning. She looked around, making sure nobody had seen what just happened, and shoved them in her purse, but when she pulled her hand back out there was a note between her fingers and the panties were gone. Shaking a little, she unfolded and read the note:“I’ll just hang on to these. You don’t need them. -MC”Jake chuckled. He was getting better with that poker face, whereas Marta was looking visibly distressed. He couldn’t say where he’d got the idea to prank her like. Tanya’s legs and arms formed next, pure energy with no nerves or flesh as of yet. She felt herself drawn down from her ‘outside’ position into her regenerating body. Startled, she dropped her concentration for a moment, and the fire began to dissipate. Quickly, she forced all her attention on holding the form of her body, then found herself completely inside it.The flaming outline of Tanya’s body quickly became more intense, causing the raptor to back away, though it still watched intently, its. 'Carrie explained she was 18 and trained in the mornings prior toswimming with her team most evenings and weekends. She gave Laura afew tips and watched her swim a few lengths.'Here, let me show you,' said Carrie, slipping a hand under Laura'sstomach. Laura lay floating as Carrie manipulated her body, pushingher ass down and stomach up.Laura felt an embarrassing swelling in her crotch as Carries handsslipped over her muscled body and tried to avoid eye contact. Severaltimes Carrie's hands.

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