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"Julie, Jenny, this is Doctor Carter. She's my head doctor now," I told them. "Anna, my cousins, Julie and Jenny." How do you do," they both said, at the same time."You call your doctor by her first name?" Jenny asked me."I call all the special girls in my life by their first name, JENNY," I told her."Ooo," Julie intoned. "So, she's special, huh?"I didn't get a chance to answer because Nicky's scream interrupted everything else."MI ... CHAEL!" Nicky cried happily, as she bounded down. He groaned again as I leaned in and licked him like a lollipop. Looking like someone had hit him with a big stick, Daddy looked down at me and managed to wheeze, "I -- I can't believe you did that, Pammy."I slowly rose up and climbed back into Daddy's lap, my absolutely sodden panty clad cunt resting against Daddy's cock. "But you wanted me too, didn't you, Daddy? I know you did. I know how you look at me." I pressed myself against my father, undulating myself against him. I felt my breasts. He now uses his tongue along with his magical fingers to take the nurse to a new world.Meanwhile after a great fellatio, the doctor puts the receptionist on his tableand rips her clothes off. “Who’s your daddy ??!!” He asks her reveling his vampire teeth. The receptionist smiles and just widens her leg. The Doctor takes his demon and thrusts it inside the receptionists tight vagina. She shouts unable to bare the pain. He starts stroking it turning the pain to pleasure. The screams become. If I learned anything from that, it was that keeping on the correct side of the line was the key to a happy, successful, and productive life. That took me back to the limits that Frank had drawn, and my desire to be involved in things that were exciting, but dangerous. He was right. There were some lines I shouldn’t cross.As I was thinking about things like honor, duty, love, and relationships, I remembered that I had a meeting with Anala the next day. She had taken me down a path of spiritual.

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