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" Please... Please don't tell anyone about this." Ha... who gives a shit what other people think. I want the entire school to know you're mine." my arm around his waist, I pull him close to me and press my lips against his. I stroke his cheek with my thumb as I wrap my hand around his delicate face. He melts in my arms as my tongue explores the inside of his mouth. My other hand sinks down and grabs his ass.Finally, I let go of him and break away.He bites his lip as he looks up at me. I found out when the alarm clock went off at five o'clock the following morning. Patti had to practically carry me down the two flights of stairs to the gym."Here's the routine. First you're going on a strict diet; we've got to get that fat off of you. You'll be doing a lot of running and light weightlifting for the next couple of months. We're also going to be doing floor exercises and yoga."Yoga? Isn't that for women?"The look that I got and the sinister smile convinced me that it was. It was going to be a very long hour, but, I guess after what I did to her, it was only fair. After 20 minutes or so, she moved back up my chest until her pussy hair was tickling my nose. She sure knows how to tease me! She rubbed herself on my face, coating me with her nectar. Then she fucked herself with my nose, mashing her wet snatch repeatedly against my face. All I could do is lie there, wishing I could at least use my tongue. “See how wet you make me.” She cooed. “But, since you’ve been. . it has shown me that I was wrong to let jealousy and resentment affect me so much. I was wrong to be so paranoid. I have learned so much about being a Domme and a spouse, hell, a lover, from both Jason and Lacey. I shouldn’t have tested either of them, and yet they both passed the test, to my shame,” Melanie fought back tears, only to have both Lacey and Jason hold her close, intimately, even.“It’s nothing to worry about now. We’ve all learned more about ourselves and each other now. I’ve.

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