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I was becoming, I wasbeing born, but not in the normal way.The major pains subsided to somewhat tolerable, and I was able, withslow, great, effort, to...stand after multiple failed attempts. I couldstill feel my head swimming and changing. Seeing myself in the mirrorwas horrifying for a moment, and then strangely comforting. My mouth wasopen, making little cries that were subtly changing pitch. I could seenew, straight teeth in there. My face was probably fifty percent Davidand fifty percent. This has caused her to cry herself to sleep many times until one day someone new comes along.Our story begins as Kristine is sitting down watching cartoons one day just trying to forget the tragedy she believes her young life to be when suddenly there is a knock at the door.Normally Kristine would just holler for her parents but of course she's home alone so she gets up to go answer the door. She opens the door and she sees one of the cutest people she's ever met. The girl at the door is. I was not shy as I faced you and very obviously enjoyed the sight of the body standing in front of me. We stared at each other and you asked me to give you a hug. I walked forward and wrapped my arms around you and enjoyed having no distance between our bodies except what our clothes provided.I could feel the urgency to remove even that separation as you clearly didn’t care about my erection which I could no longer hide or stop from pressing against your body. Nor did I want to stop. We stood. Then she stood with Dan as Allison took several pictures.Dan closed the trunk and began to walk, “Dan, you can’t be serious! You’re actually going to wear that?” Claudia repeated. “I’ll just pretend I don’t know you,” she laughed.Dan burst out laughing and took off the helmet then the pillow, “I sure had you going!” He laughed again, as he returned the helmet and pillow to the trunk.“You sure did! I was wondering, what kind of nut case are you?” Allison and Claudia joined his laughing.“You have.

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