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“Why, what happened.”“Well, it seems that our little Maria has a few secrets we were not aware of.” I was intrigued but just nodded as she con...inued. “First, it seems that though she is an illegal, she also knows English just fine. She has been playing you so that you would not learn her other secret…and that is that she is a thief.”“I cannot believe that…she seems so sweet and innocent,” I exclaimed, trying to wrap my head around the idea.“Honey, I am pretty sure that you were meant to see. “There you go, all better now”“Thank you Kshitiz”Tvisha looked up at him and giving him a saucy smile, she slid her hand slowly down between her parted legs. From where he was standing, she knew he could see exactly what she doing.He held her gaze and then nodded at a door situated at the back of the library. Turning away from her, he began to make his way slowly towards it, pausing now and again to straighten a book.Tvisha grabbed her bag, walked past him and through the door he had. I've done pretty well in Language Arts in school but I could never be able to fully tell you how she looked. Stunning, magnificent, glorious, astonishing, staggering, gorgeous, ravishing, awesome. Maybe all that. She was short, I guess just under five feet, compact, perfect. Her breasts were full for her size, round, not a trace of sag, just perfect. Small, dark brown nipples. Narrow little waist, wider hips, beautiful little valley between her legs, completely bare. She was stunning."Well,. When she returned to the living room several minutes later with a pot of tea and some tea-cups she noticed for the first time that Susan was holding Maisie’s hand in hers and looking directly into her eyes. This didn’t mean a great deal to Josephine as Susan was an extremely tactile girl. She was wearing long woollen socks and a tee-shirt with the name of the Modern Dance Quartet emblazoned over an impressionist painting. As always she was the only one in the company wearing any clothes at all..

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