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.."Taylor looked at his father. "Dad! Both Shannon and I have seen you watch her with more than just a fatherly smile on your face. But we both know you love her like a daughter. We are both ok with the idea. And believe me, we have talked long and hard about how we would approach you with it. This way, when she does get pregnant, no one will be the wiser that it isn't mine."Jake looked from Taylor to Shannon. He had to admit to himself that at times he did look at his daughter-in-law with. I almost stumbled with nerves, I'm not sure but I thinkthat I let out a small exclamation of surprise because all three ofthem turned to admire me as I stood in the doorway. If Peter hadn'thave spoken then I know that I would have turned tail and fledupstairs, but he did, warmly inviting me to join them. He introduced meas Susanna, before introducing me to the two guests, John and Paul - Ithink they were named after the biblical individuals, but they mightequally have been named after the. The three of us kissed passionately for several seconds, three naked bodies gyrating together, as a light coat of perspiration formed on our sexually heated bodies.But the kiss ended when both Lisa and Jade leaned back and away from me. Wanting to join the party fully, I removed all traces of clothing, and sat naked on the leather sofa, my right hand wrapped forcefully and securely around my aching cock. In awe, I watched as Jade leaned forward, and gently guided Lisa backward until her naked. She strutted over to me, a hand on the nape of my neck, pulling me into a kiss. The other to tease my cock through my jeans. I pulled her in by her hips, savouring the feel of her lips on mine. As they had each time before, my worries melted away with her touch. Whatever we were didn't matter right now. All I wanted to do was enjoy her.I was almost upset when she pulled her lips away until I saw her kneeling down, undoing my jeans with her teeth and pulling them down to my knees. She ran her.

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