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He ached to look up at her but knew he dared not raise his eyes so all he could see was her graceful long legs encased in silk hose and black high hee...ed shoes.She caresses the top of his head as she greets him "Hello my pet, I have missed you." His eyes transfixed on the shoes that he remembers paying for when they had last met."Please stand before me now and let me see that body I own." She demands as he rises slowly and stands before her, keeping his eyes focused on her sexy feet. She runs. ”“Oh god baby - that is so fucking hot. It’s finally happening… ohh yeah… That’s it honey – suck Lilly’s big penis my sexy husband – do it for all of us baby… that’s it … feel how hot and silky that big cock is in your mouth? Yessss baby – you look soooooo sexy with that big dick in your mouth …. you’re going to love it when you make her cum, knowing it was you that made her feel so good…. Be my bi boy-toy slutty cocksucker baby” I heard Sam groan and whimper, her voice trembling in breathy. I’m trying to keep tapping, missing the chisel more than I’m hitting it, watching Her walk around behind the bar getting ready for opening. My penis is trying to get erect but crouching down is making that difficult and painful. Then She leans on the bar and starts to read a paper. I can see legginess and every now and then She steps back, shakes Her hair and I see just how bosomy She is. After quarter of an hour I can’t take any more and disappear through the door behind where the stop cock. Two days later the second lecture of the group took place. This time I learned her name, Helen as she was introduced when replying to one of my questions. I challenged her answer a bit to intimidate her but not to much to make her feel stupid. Taking the opportunity to mention my mail, my office number and that they could easily drop me a mail in case they need help. 2nd week in UK, Helen was more active in the class, I was keep passing by her spot siting a couple of times on the desk in front.

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