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" Would that be the student you practically lost your job over becauseyou were banging her in your office?"? Val seemed more like the old ValI knew.?I... was dawning on me that I was now a pretty young girl.? I touchedmyself in random places to assure myself of the fact.? A fog waslifting, and I was horrified over what I'd done.Biddeford smiled wanly. "Yes.? She was quite willing, though, andtestified on my behalf in the hearing.? I.....encouraged her to goaway.? Far away."He went on. "The Incas. He had very dark circles under his eyes. He was smoking rollies and drinking black coffee. His eyes latched on mine and my pussy tingled as I realised he was the same bloke I'd been fantasising about for years.The room was quite big and that awful hospital-pale-green colour. It smelt very strongly of tobacco and there was just a very small desk-fixed to the floor, and two chairs - not fixed, strangely."All yours Miss.Shay... I'll be just outside the door " the screw declared, taking his. He grips your head by either side and pulls and pushes you with limited resistance. Meanwhile in your hand you bear the bearded man cock, the only thing you have control of. His warm cock pulsates in your palm as you draw your hand to his body. You continue the perpetual stroke, knowing a good slut doesn’t stop a handy. Another cracking of rocks echoes along the track, you peek your head to the side to see another figure walking towards you. Straight-Edge then uses your lopsided head to grind. I'm humping her harder now, my cock grinding into her pussy as she squirms underneath me. " I want you to beg for my cock. I know you want it bad," I said. " No way, you fucker!" she said when I took my hand away. " I know you want it," I said and got up on my knees and lowered my jeans and took my cock out and held it in my hand over her pussy. She looked at it, her mouth wide open and her eyes staring at me. I then unbuttoned her jeans and lowered the zipper. I move back and pulled her tight.

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