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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TuesdayI was shocked the next morning not to find Shelena waiting for me in our alcove. I had made it through my first da... without any issues. I'd masturbated a few times, Paloma holding my hand during one of them. The futas all had such disappointed looks that I didn't ask for their help.So did Adile. She had a track record of licking out the pussies of girls in the program.“What the...?” I muttered as I stood in the alcove. I glanced at my phone. I stood there. Perhaps it is me being impatient or maybe my subject matter does not appeal. Whatever, I love to write and I write to live so I am going to plunge into a second story and hope some of the female contributors here will add to my stories.A little about me first and what I seek. I am a 23 year old lesbian living in the UK and (blush) I am extremely submissive by nature although I must confess that most of it is in fantasy! I infinitely prefer to write with other females/lesbians – I confess to not. "I suggest we meet up in about a week's time after we have spoken to ourassociates. Can we come to Iver Heath? It would be most helpful," saidAudrey. It would be helpful, but more importantly we did not want todisclose our background."Of course," replied Maureen, "would you like to come for lunch nextSaturday?" That's very kind of you, there will be three of us if that is okay." Iwas hoping John could join us. He is 'Paul Dymond' after all!IVER HEATH THREE YEARS AGOJosh and Ethan were growing. “You sound like the cat we used to have” laughed John. “Don’t be mean” said Ann, “I like how it sounds. And it looks so cute”. As she said this she lifted the front of my baby-doll and playfully slapped my bells making them jangle and giving me delectable sensations. I loved it. We ate breakfast and chatted. After a while Ann suggested I might like to get dressed. I went back upstairs to change. I’d brought with me my schoolgirl uniform. I knew from my online sessions with John that this wasn’t.

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