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I needed to hit something, damn it! The least I could do was blow off steam by pushing aside these losers.So there I was, barreling through the crowd ...ithout a care in the world, when I see some loser goth kid I didn’t recognize. Didn’t think much of it at first. Of course he’d get out of my way, right? I mean, it’s me. Who wouldn’t take one look and move the hell over?This asshole, apparently. Guess that dumb little shit was distracted or something, because he kept walking until he practically. We talk about the last time we saw each other and then after dinner, we decide to watch a movie "Club Dred" in my room. She talks about how much she likes it, and then when the hot blonde chick with big tits comes on a few time she talks about how she wishes she was that pretty and that her boobs were that big. She lay on the floor, and I on the bed. I turned over to face her, the room completely dark except for the light from the TV and I whisper to her that she is more beautiful than the. With that, he begins to buck into me faster, with the force of a hurricane. My body revels in the onslaught of the storm he brings to me. I am not a noisy lover, but I can not help but moan in delicious anticipation of an orgasm. I feel the veins on his cock engorge even more, if that is possible. That sensation of those engorged veins sliding into my tight hole is a feeling that I can't find words to describe. It is a tingling, that starts somewhere deep in my soul. I know that it is. I was putting on my make-up when Dave came out from the shower, so I stood and kissed him saying, “I love your taste.”By the time I had finished, he was dressed and sitting on the chair watching me. He just sat there and watched me get dressed; I loved it. I stood and slipped my feet into to the heels then lifted each foot in turn onto his lap for him to do up the strap.Feeling all eyes on me as we walked into breakfast gave me quite a buzz. Apart from a look of disgust from a pair of old.

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