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She started to respond to William’s smiles and attentions, and the naturally shy and gentle William started to become bolder and more assured of him...elf. But he wasn’t moving nearly quickly enough for Ada now that she had resolved that William was the best option in the limited world she was growing to accept as her lot. Ada had said she wanted see the Missouri River and William had taken a day away from the store and hitched up the delivery wagon and taken her to the banks of the river for. ."Hey guys.. We have to get this mess fixed! First we have to introduce everyone, then let Lou tell you what happened and then we need to explain that we are all lesbians here and we were having a reunion from college!" At that point Kathy sent the big blonde down. Her name was Hope. She introduced herself and told me she was Kathy's sisters girlfriend. She was almost thirty and really enjoyed sucking me off earlier and that she would like to play a little but did not want it in her. “Take them as spares or something?”“I doubt it. The guys we take as spares either have a CAP score near 6.5 or are good fathers or both. From the look of them, none of those boys will make the cut. Better not get your hopes up, Cathy.”“Shit. That’s gonna suck bigly. They’ll be, like, really pissed when they get back.”“You’re probably right,” Craig commiserated.As they neared Macy’s Cathy exclaimed, “There they are!” and waved to a group of girls who squealed and waved back. A hurried thanks to. Jasmine welcomed me home with great fanfare on Friday night. We made love almost immediately and then went to bed. Saturday morning we each shared the details of our week apart. I found it interesting that Alan had another guy friend he wanted to bring into the sexual fray we’d been enjoying, another resident named Scott Deacon. Jasmine showed me a picture of the guy, although she’d not met him. He was buff and handsome, and on looks alone I knew he’d appeal to all of the women in the group..

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