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" So, you expect me to crossdress in your play? I do know the lines, but Idont think I can pull off being a woman. You want your play to be seriousrig...t? I dont think that will happen with me in it." But no one else can do it! I know you're the best. Your major has beenclassic literature. We bothknow you can pull this off. You may look manly,but I have a surefire way to solve all our gender problem!" Yeah cousin? What's that? Do you know magic? The play is going to startvery soon. Lets find. On that day she was looking very sexy , she again checked me out when I entered the shop. She was attending one client at that time so we just waited her to be free. When she became free she came to attend us. She directly got us the piece we ordered for and started asking about the thongs we took last time. We both were talking to her but there was something else going inside our minds. so just like the previous time I went inside the changing room and tried out the thong.Then I called my bf. The second one showed up seconds before Dee showed up and he helped me out. In fact him and his friends are still here with me." So, he's still there, huh?" Yes, daddy." What does that mean?" Nothing really just that he's here, helping me out." But..." No, buts, he'll be here for a month and then leave." And where does that leave you." Same place I was before, I guess. I can enjoy what I have now and take it one day at a time." Taylor, you love him, it won't be easy." I know, but there isn't. "Wow," said Gina, as she stepped into the hall, squeaking slightly in a rubber dress. "I mean, like, wow." Thanks hon," replied Miranda with a wink. "Just remember, it's not for you. Hi, you must be Jill and Cindy." Miranda had never met Gina's friends before. Jill was tall and dykey, with short hair, a battle-axe tattoo on her shoulder, wearing leather jeans, a plain black t-shirt and and a studded collar round her neck. Cindy was a big girl, squeezed into a black corset which made her huge.

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