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None of them were less than 8” and all were uncut. I spent an hour in there room getting my holes filled. After we were done they each gave me 100’s. I put my panties in my purse and went back to the street party.As I made my way through the crowd, I felt someone put his hand under my skirt and I spun around and said that’ll cost you, he replied how much and without thinking I said 200, he wanted to know what he could do for 200 and I said whatever he wanted, that was a mistake. We took. . "No... nononono..." then thetrickle... each of the men were looking at each other... soon it waspouring on them like a shower... They were all yelling and it started to fill, he was ankle deep... then knee deep... hipdeep... he was gasping for his breaths, and then trying to jump, but the'test tube' wasn't big enough to let him get the movement he needed, hecouldn't swim as it was too thick and it was over his head... Heswallowed some.. 'Ewww' he vaguely thought he should be. Us k moon se ajaab ajeeb aawazain aa rahi thien aahhhhhhhhhhh aahooooo ssssss aur woh mera hath khud hi apni choot per pherni lagi,us k babbay chostay chostay main us k auper aa gaya us k haath se mera land takraya tu us ne foran pakar lia aur apni choot se ragarnay lagi,main ne ! Us se kaha k mera land apni choot k surakh per rakha do us ne aisa hi kia main ne aik dam se jhatka mara tu pora land aik jhatkay se andar ghus gaya aur us ki cheekh nikaltay nikaltay reh gae main ne foran apnay hont. And while seeing I found a file named my family. I found it interesting and clicked on it then there are folders mom, sister and mom’s sister . Then I clicked on mom it was bathing video of my pinni. And there are bathing videos of me and my mom also.Then I slowly went to pinni and mom and showed them. They surprised. They asked me to copy into porn drive and keep laptop where it is. I did as they said. In the evening he woke up and freshed up and came to balcony where we all of us were there..

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