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..don't ..." and her voice choked off, perhaps unable to statethe obviousness of my intentions. I continued doing what I'd been doing,and then varied ...he attack. Using my right hand, I began to stroke herhips and bottom."Oh... ! Don't, Hoel! Don't!" Elin demanded while futilely dodging mymarauding hand. I paid no attention to her unmanly cries, but continuedmy caressing. I felt down to her knees and then back to her sweetbuttocks and haunches, the touch of which brought forth her. “You’re about to die,” I whispered. “For good.”Sven FalkA tremble raced through my body. Despite the strength my new armor gave me, lead weighted my feet, my boots filled with it. My heart labored. I stared at the crystal altar at the summit of the hill. It was all about to end. My deal with Rithi was about to be completed.I’d have to give up my sister soon.My breath quickened. I was almost gulping air. I have to be ready for this. Hard for this. I couldn’t be weak. I had to hurt my sister. I. That was incredible. Do it again.” With a smile, she simply says, “Okay,” and then she does exactly that. She slides her lips around the head, runs her tongue in a couple circles, and begins sucking. “Gimme that cock,” she grunts, and slides her wet lips down… halfway… further… and then I feel her make the adjustments, and my dick slides completely into her mouth. She cups my balls and massages them, and I feel her tongue licking as far towards them as she can go. I hold her head down with one. When she finally reached Mac's nipples she sucked one in, then the other."Ooooh!" Mac gasped out loud in shocked pleasure. "That... that feels nicccce."Mac brought her hand to the back of Harriet's head and caressed her soft golden locks of hair.Harriet's hands weren't idle as this went on. She kept her hand busily caressing Mac's belly and slowly worked their way down to Mac's groin area.Mac arched her back in surprise when she felt Harriet's fingertips make contact with her pussylips. She.

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