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Hell, she thought, I’m in great shape for a woman any age. She removed the man’s undershirt (Robby’s!!) she was wearing, and examined herself nu...e. Her hair was strawberry blonde and cut short. Her eyes were bright, cheerful and slightly upturned at the corners. Ruefully, she admitted that if she looked carefully, she could see tiny crows feet. Her nose was nicely proportioned to the rest of her face, and her moderately full lips framed a smile composed of white even teeth. Her cheekbones were. She cannot rub her thighs together thanks to the spreader-bar to which she is attached, but she moves her free hands down wanting to stimulate herself the old fashioned way. Her hands try this approach and then that, but the diaper is deterring her efforts and her frustration at this is beginning to show. Thanks to the tightness with which the diaper was tied she cannot even slip a finger under the edges and her efforts become more concentrated. I watch in pure enjoyment as her feisty nature. Orion put a heavy hand on her thigh, rubbing his thumb in little circles. But Megan wasn’t going to let herself be distracted. “Like I was saying last night. I can’t rush into anything. I – what are you doing?” Orion had begun sliding his hand up her inner thigh with a wicked smirk. “I’m listening.” With that, he slid a few fingers against her sex. She had cleaned up last night but, when he tested her entrance, he still slid in easily. Perhaps it was just waking between them that made her wet.. Fiona had a video camera filming me from the moment I entered the room; the company showreel had been replaced with live footage of me; I wasn’t expecting to see my face being broadcast live to the closed-circuit TV.“Ignore the TV and ignore me; do NOT ignore my directions. Now sit down and relax and just answer my questions as openly and honestly as possible; answer looking straight into the camera lens unless I say otherwise.” The questions started simply enough and I soon felt at ease.

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