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He boughtme a four piece fried chicken dinner. "Here you go, honey. Some Comfortfood! Now you just eat it up! Try to feel better!" he offered. He used...acouple of quiet back streets to get us home. As he drove, he talked,"Sweetie, I'm really starting to enjoy your emotions! You have become sohonest with everyone! I like that. As well, you seem to love everyone. Iwant you to express that more! People need that." I was eating the meal,so I nodded in agreement. I found that, these days, I couldn't. We talked every day from this point on by phone or in person. It was a couple of weeks after our talk about our relationship, it was a weekday and i was saying bye to her on the phone when i said love you bye. I dont think i even remembered saying it. She called me back and asked if i would come over now. It was around 8pm and i said sure. When i got there she let me inside and she put her arms around my neck and gave me a light kiss. She looked in my eyes and her eyes were red and. I'd been sore every day since I'd turned seven years old and it never went away, but that was the price of being a ladyboy and one I'd grown more than willing to pay. It's better here in the States anyway, in Singapore the customer was always right and some of them weren't gentle. That's behind me though and I don't like looking back too far.I smiled to myself as I heard Sam's college friends laughing and whooping as he went back into the living room. They'd heard the noise, probably half the. She dressed quietly and went downstairs. Abner was puttering away in the kitchen already. She wandered around the bottom floor, aimlessly entering and exiting rooms and losing herself in the long, twisted hallways. She’d become almost familiar with the halls in the almost month that she’d been here, only getting mixed up every so often. ‘Milady,’ Abner popped out of nowhere, startling her as she exited a room towards the back of the house. ‘Breakfast is ready.’ ‘Thanks, Abner,’ She headed off.

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