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"Ok, darling, your pretty head will be dropping into the basket in a shortmoment.? he told her.Marianne shuddered when she heard her boyfriend tell he... that he was goingto chop her head off. She was very excited and she knew that it would be realthis time. Her head would be sliced off by the blade and dropping into thebasket below. A shiver ran through her spine while she imagined it and herpussy began to become hot and moist.Everything was set. Marianne waited for the special moment when her. When I came too Charlie was between my legs pressing his rock hard penis into my bung hole. I tried to fight and break away. Charlie dropped his weight down on me and said to me '...stop struggling bitch, Bruce done lubed this ass hole up with his stuff, you didn't seem to mind letting him fuck you...' I looked around as I got my bearings and saw Bruce standing over us wiping his penis off with one of the rags. It was then I felt the wet spot beneath my back as Charlie grind deep into my bung. I'dhardly ever been in here, except recently as the maid, and my occasionalguests had always been put into the larger and fancier main guest room. But I felt very cosy here. It was plain and simple but perfectly inkeeping with the role I was playing. Conchita has provided a simplewhite cotton gown for me to sleep in. I was tired out and drifted offto sleep easily.I was up at 6am to ensure I had time to make everything perfect forConchita. My shower, dressing and make up routine were swifter. This supported my upper body and to some degree relieved the strainon my shoulders. When she stood before me now my mouth brushed her sex andI began to lick and suck her like a conditioned animal. Once she was satisfiedshe walked to my rear and penetrated me with the strap on dildo, long hardthrusts that moved my whole body bringing fresh pain to my weighted bound nipplesand balls. It was obvious that in less than ten minutes Gordon would be backwith some friends who would be able to join this.

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