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I'd been rehearsing in the last couple of weeks and was getting quite good of teasing and removing clothes. I began near the group of new boys, all of...whom were focused intently on me. I unbuttoned my coat and discarded it. Then I danced a little in my tartan skirt and my red blouse. I pulled the hem of the skirt up, I turned my back to the audience and bent forward, I did all the little tricks that had worked so well the last time. And once again my audience were slavering in anticipation.. I stripped off naked and before I opened the door she crouched infront of me and took me in her mouth to get me nice and hard. Then I opened the door, stepped into the room and shut the door behind me. Lying on the bed was Tom stark naked, his legs wide apart and that lovely enormous weapon sticking up in the air with his hand holding it. He smiled when he saw me naked as well with my cock sticking out towards him and said , ‘hi’. I took the two steps to the bed and knelt on it between his feet. “Then she is your daughter?”“No, she most definitely is not! I have two separate DNA tests to prove conclusively she is not as well a declaration of non-parenthood from the courts. I also have a restraining order against her mother which requires her mother to stay away from me. But I don’t want to hurt the little girl in ANY way. Her mother is misleading her for unknown reasons. May I know what happened?”“She and Jesse were having a disagreement about that. She said you were her dad and Jesse. She broke off the kiss and looked at me. “Have you ever had a blowjob before” She asked and I shook my hand. Ellen went onto her knees in front of me and took my dick in her hand started jacking me off slowly then she did something I didn’t expect. She took me into her mouth and started sucking on my dick. I let out a moan and she sucked me in deeper until she couldn’t take more of me. The warm feeling of her mouth over my cock was just too much and I couldn’t take anymore of this. “Ellen I am.

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