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They moved in different circles. Anton wasbrooding and a little weird. Zoran was a star. He was good looking andpopular. He played soccer for the ...chool and swam on the school team atregional championship level. He had taken up baseball and had proved anatural. His girlfriend was Amy Marshall - reputed to be the bestlooking girl at school. Anton was a loner. The differences between theboys were clear.So what did he want? This is where things started to get very weird."Zoran, it is. Her answer to that was “its compulsory, as long as she could also have uncle Joe and occasionally Pam and at least one of dogs, fine! They started to laugh and together they straightened their clothes and returned to the party, The little group set off home, the time was well after midnight, both men staggering a fair bit. As they made their way Joe decided he wanted to piss, so at a field gate they stopped, Joe getting his fly open with some difficulty and while Pam steadied her drunken. Letting go of her hand, James pointed."That tree with the flower. All the other trees around it are like those on our world, but that one isn't."Ewa looked at for a moment, then shrugged."It doesn't look that strange." Make camp! Make camp! Make camp!"The rider tore past James, riding back down the road towards the rear of the column. From ahead and behind, half-hearted cheers rose. James felt like cheering as well. The insides of his thighs were sore. Alternating riding with walking every hour. “I can’t believe that he made it through,” Lt. Palmer said once Jim emerged from the minefield course.“Believe it,” Lt. Commander Ferguson replied with a knowing smirk. “And remember, I had them increase the number of traps and mines from 40 to 75. He avoided or disarmed every single one. Nobody has ever managed that the first time through the course with only 40.”“What was that?” Lt. Grant asked gruffly as Lt. Commander Ferguson started laughing.“If I remember correctly, that yell was the.

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