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"I want her totake me to school." Shhhh, Susie," I whispered to her. "Jenny can't go to school. She's avery special girl who lives in our house and her little sistervery much, but you can't talk about her to anyone or you'll spoileverything. I would get thrown out of school and Mom would get introuble. Okay? Can you do that for me?" Yes, Jenny. I mean Johnny. I won't say anything. But Jenny will stillbe my sister won't she?" Yes Susie," I assured her. "No matter what happens, Jenny will. “This will not happen again,” I said. Then Kay gave me five very hard, quick swats. “Get off my lap, put on your shoes and socks, and grab your bag. If we are late, I will allow Ann to spank you for causing us to be late, and that will take place before the paddle demonstration.” Then we quickly got into Kay’s car and arrived at Ann’s woodworking shop. On the way over there, I apologized again to Kay, but she didn’t say a word. Once we arrived at Ann’s shop, she was waiting for us at the front. His cock knob thrusting up between my titties. Looking down into his face, I saw a faint trace of a smile on his lips. I couldn't help but wonder if he was dreaming about what we had done. Easing myself into a kneeling position, I watched his twitching shaft spring upward to again press lightly between my titties. He really was hung like a stallion. Looking down I could see the bulging vein running up the underside of his thick shaft throbbing in time through the taut skin stretched thin. The. “Go slow!” she admonishes, “That is the biggest dick that I’ve had!” Shane obligingly inches slowly forward. “God you are tight!” Shane says. Finally he is able to move his hips back and forth, stretching and making room in her tight hole for his member. I move my hand in to massage her breasts. I watch Shane’s cock penetrating Terri’s pussy over and over, moving in and out in that endless intimate caress. Terri tosses her head back and forth on the pillow, her first taste of Shane’s.

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