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My job was to get her belongings and take her 75 miles to the center. Her name was Sunny Kirk with no middle name; according to her forms she was 5�... 5”, 105 lbs, blond hair and blue eyes. There was no picture and only an address: some farm out in the middle of nowhere. My dream of saving lost children and helping the unfortunate was starting to become reality. It was early summer so I drove to the sheriffs’ station and notified them who I was and why I was there. The sheriff gave me. “In some ways, it was mine, too. According to Paul, it was my most important. I agree with him there. I never worried over a date like I did for Friday night. I’m glad it was on short notice or I would have been totally stressed out.”“Lover, it worked out well. We will have another date and many, many more after that. Melissa and I are going to shop for another dress for me. If you want to see it, you will have to take me somewhere to show it off.”“How about Friday? We leave Saturday morning. He felt them as they journeyed up his bodycavity to the top of his new uterus, where they became hisovaries.He felt as if his mind was slipping as the final changes to hisbody took shape. His shoulders narrowed, as did his waist. While his hips expanded until they were the same witch as hisshoulders. His height shrunk until he was about five feet threeinches tall. Then the breasts came. Full and round with rosy tippednipples that stood out in the cool air of the room.He got his voice back at. Sobbing, she pressed her mouth to his in a desperate kiss. ‘No baby. No. Please don’t leave me, I need you so badly. Please, no.’ Very gently her rolled her from his body and kissed her forehead, wiping a tear from her face as he looked deep into her eyes. ‘I wont be gone long Darling. I’ll be back with you before you know it. Sleep now my precious love, sleep and rest easy knowing that I will love you, now and forever.’ He kissed her right eyelid, and then her left, the image of him fading as.

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