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Peter went off wandering. He told Tucker of a quest. After convincing both Laura and Josh's mothers not to pull the plug, he left. His whereabouts are...unknown.***Our story begins in this calm. One peaceful evening, Tucker's fears came true.Tucker was in his room, the same place all of it started. Ever since he was freed from the Entity, Tucker had been afraid to participate in any activity that involved sex, masturbation, etc. On this peaceful night, Tucker gave in.Tucker's sexual urges had. However, the most ravishing feature of my older manager was her chest. Normal work attire may have hinted at her proportions and sometimes even showed a hard nipple, but this cocktail dress displayed the most magnificent cleavage I have ever seen. Her big tits looked like g****fruits, aching to be pushed up completely out of her dress. My eyes traced the valley between those fat globes and I was struggling to look away. She also smelled fantastic and it was all I could not to get a hard on as. It seems that about a year ago before, he had been "seeing" my wife. We had moved to a new house, and the location was too far from my work for me to come home at lunch anymore. He was off on Wednesdays, and started dropping by my house to visit Janet. At first he said they just had coffee and talked. But he was paying her a lot of compliments about how hot she was, and he said it soon became apparent that she might be willing to have sex with him. They were having heated sexual conversations,. Dropping his voice an octave, he said, “Greetings, sweet lady. I am Voss Durand, and worry not, I will be sure to protect you in our travels.”Ashryn smiled brightly and said, “Oh! Thank you, but I’m okay! I left my shield and armour at the convent, but I made sure to bring my mace today, just in case!”She unhooked a small, one-handed flanged mace from her belt and held it up to show everyone, before carefully tapping it on Voss’ chest with an enthusiastic, “Boop!”Voss’ smile was frozen on his.

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