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Mike recalled Lee resting her head on his chest. She enjoyed sitting near Santa Claus, watching all the cheerful squealing kids climbing onto his big ...ap and telling him their hearts desire. Mike at the time didn't care about that. He was enjoying Santa's helpers, those green tights and short skirts always got him going. He sadly thought back to when Lee asked him about starting a family. He got mad at her, telling her he wasn't ready yet. He wanted to have more fun. June 22nd; six months later. Aadhey ghate baad mein vapas neeche aaya, maine use 3-4 baar bulaya, use uthane ke liye use hilaya bhi. Lekin sleeping pills ki vajah se wo geri neend mein thi.Us time raat ke 12:30 matlab mere pas subah ke 4 ya 4:20 tak time tha Mughe sex krne ki badi jaldi thi maine apne sare kapde khol diye aur sofe mein uske upar kud gya, lekin mein janta tha ki agar maine Renu ki saree utar di, to mei baad me use dubara saree nahi pehna pahuga. Isliye maine Renu ki saree ko dheere dheere rolled kr-krke. ”Lord have mercy!“Tell them we’ll discuss timing once I’ve polished the script.”“Okay. How’s Amelia?”“In trouble with school grades,” I answered.“Oh-oh. I better go. The other line’s about to ring.”The phone went dead. I had to smile. If left on my own, I’d happily write scripts and never bother producing them. I loved the creative process, but movie production was a yearlong headache. I’d decided to take the summer off to be with Amelia and finish the script. Peter was resisting, especially. She was hoping to learn some Spanish Iguess. She was wearing a bluejean jumper, and a nursingbra. I came and sat next to her. I looked at her faceand notice she was crying.“What’s wrong?” I asked her. She wiped her eyes, almostmaking the makeup under her eyes run. “I miss the baby.I know I told you guys parents that he could stay withthem for the weekend, but I miss him so bad.” She wasreally attached to him. On the soaps there was a babycrying really loud. The.

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