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I walked to the door, closed, and locked it, wondering why he would want it locked.I walked back over to him and knelt at his feet. I had been studyin... submissive positions, and chose to do the waiting position. I sat with my legs under me, kneeling with spread legs, my hands rested on my thighs, palms up. My eyes were downcast, waiting for his next command.I could hear the ticking of the Grandfather clock and his typing. It struck 2 o'clock and I knew that I had been kneeling at his feet for. Opening the door he helped her climb in and told her to buckle up before closing the door. He shook Harv's hand, handing him a piece of paper."That's my cell phone; I don't know if Lana's will work out where we're going. Has she ever shot clays before?" he asked. Harv's eyebrows arched."Not for a few years, we did a lot when her mother was still alive and she keeps after me to take her, but I just couldn't." His voice choked up a little. Jake took the paper back and grabbed a pen from the. Shaking her head, Kelly took the coffee and left them to it.Doing her best to respect Sally’s privacy, Kat tried to be quiet, but a long, low moan accompanied the orgasm that Sally finally coaxed out of her. She lifted Sally’s head from her crotch and kissed her, absolutely loving the way her own juices tasted on Sally’s lips. It was going to be a beautiful day.* * *The experience of that night and morning had a powerful effect on Sally Ann. Conflicted as she was over these sinful acts, there. . . . STRANGE . . . . GUY . . . . IS . . . . FUCKING . . . . ME! She was still convulsing when the stranger's hands took a 'death grip' on her hips. He started thrusting harder, faster, and faster yet. “Oh yes, do it!” she cried. Do it!" The stranger's thrusts became spasmodic. His cock tightened inside her pussy. Suddenly he cried out loud! “I’m going to cum! I’m going to CUM!” Violently, he jerked his cock from her. It slapped down on the top of her ass as the first load of hot sperm.

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