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Everyday will be a holiday for you. I’ll stop sending you out on your own to turn tricks. Instead, I’ll likely bury you in the backyard up to your...neck, or hang you upside down. I’ll tolerate at most two weeks in a row as a lazy bitch, and then that’s it.”Mike made it clear that he’d send us packing if we became lazy bitches. “I’d try to get to the bottom of what has caused you to stop trying, but I am not going to invest in someone who doesn’t want to be trained. If you think this is a. He couldn't explain to his sister that he was having feelings for a girl. He needed to know something, and he couldn't wait another moment without finding out.Michael stands up, and walks out of his room. He heads downstairs towards the door, and quickly slips his shoes on. He checks to make sure that he has his house key, and then heads out.***Sarah takes Michael's notepad to her room, and flips through it. It has some random notes, and then a page with a list of people's names and numbers.. She looked directly at the camera as she began licking and realized that this carrot would soon be at her pussy. She closed her eyes and started to lick it faster and harder pretending it was her lover’s, Roger’s, penis. She was so lost in her thoughts that she wasn’t aware that Roger had already taken 4 pictures of her licking until she opened her eyes and saw him standing there, camera at his side, watching her. Immediately, she stopped licking and placed the carrot against her vagina and. As soon as the detective realized the truth, she stopped struggling and began to cry."Okay, everybody back off," I told them, and they headed into the living room. Then I got off of Dianna, stood up, and stepped back. I could see blood soaking into the midsection of her delivery uniform shirt. "Shit, you're hurt."Shepherd slowly got to her knees as I headed to the bathroom for the medical kit. I had gotten it a few weeks ago, since we kept having gothic horror shit happen to us. When I got back.

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