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In public and presumably in the privacy of your home where Mjoll can see it, you support the biggest critic of the Thieves Guild. But in reality, you ...ctually worked for Maven, giving the people a public champion who, through your efforts, is ineffectual in what she truly desires to do, which is help the people of Riften.”Mjoll looked at me with shock in her eyes. “Who are you, what are you talking about, and where is Maven Black-Briar?”“As for who I am, it’s quite simple. I am Martina Grize’,. Thanks to construction like this it would be hard to keep herself in great shape but she maintained it and she did it soooo darn well. “Good morning Terra,” her boss said. “How’s it going this morning?” “Good sir,” she said. “Where do you want me at this morning?” she asked in a monotone tone of voice. He knew exactly where and smiled. She knew probably what he was thinking as she looked at him as if trying to read his face. His thoughts: How about over at my place? We could spend time. I've been getting into body painting. Recently. And on other people, I can paint clothes so realistic, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference from the real thing" I'm sure that you could, on a good day." On all the days! Every day of the week!" all year?" why not!"Joe paused for moment. He looked at Sam. Then his face grew into a wicked smile. "Lets prove it shall we. Tell you what kid- I'll forget about your little misdemeanor If** and only if** this little muffin can go all year in your. About half an hour later, there was a great shout from the cell, "LET ME OUT OF HERE! WHAT THE SHIT AM I DOING, LOCKED IN THIS CELL?"Eddy went back to the cell and said, "You're here because you tried to kill one of my deputies last night." No shit? Why'd I do that?" Your friend said you mistook him for Jake Simpson. So he locked you in here to cool off. You can go now. I'll open the door. Just wait a minute while I get the key."Eddy unlocked the door and motioned Hunter out. "Let's go to my.

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