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Res simply nodded at them in acknowledgment.'Min' was the proper way of addressing an elder. It was the equivalent of Mr or Senor from earth. Blaze ha... mistakenly used the word 'Aunty' for Rebecca, but he had continued using it because they had grown used to it."We've heard quite a bit about you from Blaze, Miss Elyssa. Thank you for taking care of her," Jie Er said with a smile, taking Ely's hands into hers."Just call me Elyssa, Min Jie Er. Blaze is the only one I can call a friend and is very. Behind us, I heard my grandson Tony, screaming, "Hey guys, Grandma and Grandpa are on the side of the house kissing!" Honey, just roll with it," she said. "Just pretend she isn't here. Do it for Debbie and your Grandkids. I just want everyone to be happy." Whatever," I said. I was still pissed about being dragged into it. I watched as Selena walked back to the front of the house and four children who were eager for her attention.I took several deep breaths to calm myself before leaving the side. Both of us gasp for air when she releases me,tells me, I have NEVER cum that hard before from being licked/sucked, that was well done and deserves a kiss.She slides of the couch and gives me another deep tongue filled kiss.She licks my face clean as i enjoy all of it, she lies down on the carpet, tells me to lie down beside her and place my head on her shoulder, i do her bidding.Her hand grabs my cock, Well well we’ll, what are we going to do with this piece of hardened steel,as she turns to. Softly she said why don't you get out of those wet pants. Okay I finally mumbled and stood up. Before I could go change Billie knelt down and pulled my trunks down. My hard dick sprang up. Very nice she said and rubbed her face around it. Not knowing what to do I put my hands to my sides. She licked the base of my dick and slid down to my balls and licked. I started breathing quicker and my heart beat faster. Looking up at me she ran her tongue over the head of my dick. I nearly came right.

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