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Everything was right with their world once again.***"You were just wonderful, Basil," I gushed, as I looked up at him.Even though I still knew better,...I just sort of felt as if I'd been awoman my whole life. In addition to that, I simply no longer had anyproblems or complaints about being one. All in all, I considered thata most fortunate set of circumstances, since I was going to be femalefor the rest of my life. As much as I'd gone on and on about beingfemale earlier, I truly doubted I'd ever. Let's see just how well you were paying attention. Tell me. What's the third and final criteria that's got to be met in order for me to be able to assume the appearance of another woman?" "Oh, that's the easiest one of the bunch. "Last but not least, they have to be reasonable good looking, right? "That's to say that those high heels of yours have a discriminating taste in women, in that they will not allow you to turn yourself into a woman who isn't, shall we say, pleasing to the mind's eye. We did not make it as far as the bedroom this time. I lay her on the couch and pushed her skirt up and pulled her knickers down.She’d trimmed her pussy hair very short. I could see her lips. “Do you like it, Tom? Do you like it more than he did?”I lost control. My mouth was on her, savouring her heat and wetness of her. The ripeness of her flesh in my mouth and her musky essence. She was like an exotic fruit. She ground her pussy in my face as she came. Foreign oaths came from her mouth. I. Quickly, countless, stinging snaps crackled through the air, assailing the young heroine relentlessly as she shrieked and moaned.Damon rolled the handle of his whip over his head, aiming and striking her over and over with meticulous, laser-like precision. He revelled in watching her squirm and twist left and right, trying to avoid his blows in vain, tossing aside that beautiful red hair of hers, those succulent red lips stretched wide as she pleaded and groaned in pain. Her sweet, anguished.

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