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I woke with a start. I hadn't intended to sleep. I looked around and I saw nothing out of the usual. I got out of the chair and looked around the room... It looked like an office. I imagined it to be the captain's cabin on an intergalactic starship. Yes I'm a trekkie, trekker or whatever they call themselves now. Had all the episodes of the Original series, the Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise. Couldn't get into Deep Space Nine, even though it did have Worf on it.There was a desk and chair. . Oh I'm gonna cum for you.? I panted. ?That's right Alice, thats what I want.? I was almost screaming I was moaning so loud. I had forgotten everything. My whole world was his voice and cock, my cunt and ass. When he told me it was what he wanted I started to cum hard. ?Oh God Alice! That feels so good!? Seth cried as he started to cum with me. I could feel his cock pulsing in unison with my contractions. It was incredible and I immediately started to wonder when. None of them realized the hold that this darker music could have. My fingers began to ache though as I listened. It grew more and more till I realized, that what I was wanting was to be playing along with them. I wanted to be sitting there in that smoke filled bar. A hard stool under my ass, my fingers sore from playing guitar for hours but never wanting to stop. I knew that if I tried to pursue my desires I would be given nothing but grief about wasted time that should have been better spent. Lisa put her mouth on mine to quiet me as she kept pushing my soaked panties inside me. Then she started to rub the fabric against my clit, and everything began to close in: my desire for Lisa to take me, my growing arousal as my orgasm approached and the excitement that all this was happening on a bus full of classmates. And then the wall broke. A loud moan quickly stifled by Lisa’s as I then gasped for breath through my nose. I rose from my seat as my body stiffened and then I collapsed back,.

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Desi Sister Sex Clear Voice Hindi

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