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? She wondered what he was doing given the facthe was no longer in the bed and the faint sound of an axe splitting woodreached her ears.? She went to ...he window and looked out.?He was by the wood pile chopping wood for the fire.? She watched as he swung the axe, appreciatinghis strength and the way his muscles rippled as he worked. Her pussy clenched and a surge of desire swept overher.? She tore herself away from thewindow and that delightful view and mentally acknowledged her hunger but. Sam now knew whatTina was trying to do to her but Sam felt helpless. Each morning Sam wouldwake up and decide not to eat as much as she had done on the previousday,but by lunch she always found herself tucking into a large stodgy mealfollowed by a dessert.his was due mainly to the high doses of appetitestimulator that Tina had been putting int Sam's food.The room Sam was staying in was comfortable but had no mirrors but shedidn't a mirror to know what was happening to her she could feel and. He pours wine quickly and efficiently, paying no attention to me.I still can't get over it. Like how can this be happening? One minute I'm like reading that so exciting text, a sweet climax building, the next here I am, experiencing it all first hand. Even though 5 days have passed in the story, it feels in my memory like just minutes, the length of time it took me to read the words.Surely it's just a strange dream, possibly it must play it's course to where I was when the laptop fell from my. With a note saying that she would wash this if I couldn’t. Anyway moving Ona little...I-had noticed odd things happen. And on one occasion I was sure I heard someone cry out in pain from what seemed a basement. I asked Annette about it and she said it was an old house and we often heard odd noises.And Derek would walk with an odd gate like he was in pain or something. But this particular day I was in the house totally alone, and on the drying horse there was a beautiful basque with stockings.

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