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I stretch slowly, enjoying the feel of the softness beneath me and the warmth of the fire crackling in the hearth nearby. I don’t know how I’ve co...e to be in this place, I have never been here before, yet everything looks familiar. I experience a feeling of completeness, as if everything is as it should be. The silence of the room is broken only by the occasional hiss of the flames and the crack of thunder in the distance. I look around, scanning the shadows, and realize that I am alone. Where. He takes his finger and rubs the spit around my hole. It feels really good and then without warning he eases his finger into my ass about maybe an inch. At first it feels uncomfortable but he just leaves it there and I get used to it and my hole starts to relax. Now I start to push down on his finger and he proceeds to push further into me. It feels good with no discomfort and he starts to move his finger in and out of my ass. He pushes me up a little bit more on the seat and now he’s fucking. My cock stands at attention from the steady hum of the vibrating cock ring. The leather belt buckled around my ankles and the handcuffs locking my wrists keep me secure in the center of the bed. My arm and leg muscles twitch from being stretched and still for so long. Thoughts of Valerie kept popping in my head. I remember where I met her, and why I enjoy her teasing me like this.I stopped at the Club Pussycat to see the strippers. I knew a couple of women from previous visits, but there were. P: Tiger kya kar rahey ho tum. Aisa kyu kaha mom k saamneR: main toh bus ched raha tha tumhey.P: aab mat karna.R: Ok aab tumharey mom ko thoda chedey hum.P: woh kaisey???R: Usski chinta chod do, tum bus mera saath dena… OKP: OkHum fir baithey he rahey they k mausi wapas aa gayi aur merey saamney baith gayi.R: Priya, tum pehley keh rahi thi naa k ladkiya sajna sawarna karti he haiP: ha toh…M: yeh toh har ladki karti haiR: toh main soch raha tha, Mausi aap kyu nahi sajti sawarti ho…M: main samjhi.

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